Anime Recommendation for August 2015: Log Horizon

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet This month’s anime recommendation is Log Horizon. This is an Action, Adventure, Fantasy story set in a game world, much like other series like Sword Art Online and the .Hack series. While at first glance the series may seem like just another SAO clone, its actually got a very indepth story and a vast amount of interesting characters. This is without a doubt, one of my most highly recommended series as it features on my Top 10 list. The english voice acting is pretty good, but I think it gets better later on in the series.
Log Horizon is a story about 30,000 people being trapped inside an MMORPG called Elder Tale. Now to anyone who has been watching anime since 2012 this may sound familiar. Yes, Log Horizon shares almost exactly the same setting as Sword Art Online. However, the two series take completely different viewpoints on how to use this setting, therefore I feel the best way to review this anime is by comparison.
Plot: Log Horizon is heavily story focused, almost every episode does something to add to the plot and help explain the world or characters within it. While SAO was more about Kirito’s adventure with Asuna inside a video game, striving to survive and escape. Log Horizon takes a completely different look at it, since unlike the SAO players, they are given no explanation for why they are stuck inside this game. This forces the characters to carve out their own living inside the game, since escape seems almost impossible. Making the story less about escaping the game, and more about living inside of it. This is probably where the best part of Log Horizon comes from, it’s pretty much a look at what happens to humans when we are forced to rebuild society. Human’s will naturally always try to survive no matter the situation, whether through violence, cooperation or something else. Log Horizon takes that and then looks at what happens in video games, the best feature being that a lot of the time it’s the players that make some of the best rules, those that are upheld by their honor alone.
Action: Depending on your taste in action scenes, Log Horizon will probably fall second best to SAO. It takes its MMORPG set up very seriously, this isnt a hack n slash with people jumping around and doing whatever they feel like. This is a role based combat system, the Tank stands in the front like a brick wall, the Mage stays back adjusting his glasses and the Assassin goes afk because the microwave just beeped. Because of this, to many people will find the action very stagnant and slow paced. However It’s much like the Code Geass and Death Note setup, in which the main character uses his experience and knowledge to outwit and outplay his opponents with coordinated attacks and tactics. So in all likeliness, you will probably end up being like me and saying, OMG I WANNA BE AN ENCHANTER TOO! -clears throat- uh anyway, onward to the summary.
Summary: Overall, I personally think Log Horizon has one of the best stories and list of characters I’ve ever seen in an anime recently, its use of the world and the idea of recreating a home for humanity within another is simply brilliant. If you are like me and enjoy overthinking things, pretending you are deep and love cute tiny blushing ninja girls, then you should definitely give this anime a look.

Recommendation Submitted by: OtakuPsy from OtakuForums – hope to see you there!

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Anime Recommendation for July 2015: Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet This month’s anime recommendation is Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet

This is a Action, Sci-fi, Mecha series. The story follows a young lieutenant in the Human Galactic Alliance called Ledo and his mission, the annihilation of the Hidiaazu; a deadly race of tentacle monster aliens living in deep space. The series contains a few spectacular fight scenes, an interesting setting and well defined characters. The 13 episode length plus 2 OVA’s make it a short series but it’s a solid story and contains brilliant plot twists as well as thought provoking theories. One of the few series that uses CGI very well while also having a beautiful art style. Last but not least, the award for best Pilot Support Enlightenment Interface System goes to Chamber K6821! If you wish you find out why Chamber deserves this award check out the entire series at DubzOnline by clicking the link above!

Recommendation Submitted by: OtakuPsy from OtakuForums – hope to see you there!

Anime Recommendation for June 2015: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic We’re back to doing monthly Anime Recommendations! This month’s anime recommendation is MAGI: THE LABYRINTH OF MAGIC

This is an adventurous type series, with lots of good action scenes and a good plot. It’s set in ancient Arabia, with lot’s of Arabic influences, from the character’s names to their outfits. If you enjoyed Disney films such as Aladdin or Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas as a kid, then you’ll definitely love this series. There are two seasons released so far, the second being titled Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. You can watch both seasons here on DubzOnline. Give this series a try, the plot, along with the episodes for the first season can be found by clicking the above link.

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